Mission Therapeutic Massage LLC



April Sargent has been practicing massage therapy in Virginia since 2014  with previous experience in both spa and chiropractic settings. In 2019, she established Mission Therapeutic Massage independently in Yorktown. She is certified with the National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and has been a member of the AMTA since 2015. She has additional training in Structural Integrative Bodywork, Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain, Sports Massage, and PTSD. Besides her passion for massage therapy, she has a son in first grade virtually and they enjoy the outdoors together. She is a PDGA member and plays disc golf recreationally and competitively. She has been a member of the Virginia Peninsula Browns Backers since 2005 and this is her first year as club President. Last but not least, she loves and follows the Lord our savior, Jesus Christ. She has a diverse range of interests and these are the most notable. 

In her massage room, she takes steps to ensure all clients are in a safe, clean space. She uses air purifiers, gloves during services, and disinfects surfaces thoroughly between clients.  She wears a mask the entire time and masks are required for clients as well. If the client needs a mask, she will provide one. She also does temperature checks on clients before the service. 

The massage table is heated which helps relax muscles and provide comfort. Jojoba oil, the closest thing to what skin produces naturally, is the choice oil for all massage. She also uses Everyday Optimal CBD oil with her services offered. Hot Stones and Hydrocolater heat packs can be used to enhance benefits during sessions. 

Intentions of the massage are to improve quality of life for clients outside of Mission Therapeutic Massage. You will feel refreshed and experience many wonderful health benefits after your session! 

What benefits do you want from your massage? Share what outcomes you desire from the massage so the therapist can give you the best service suited for you.



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